I’m a crafter and by crafter I mean that I knit. So, like most people who do some sort of fiber art, I have an account on Ravely. Sadly, I don’t use it to track my projects or upload pictures….cause it seems to be too much trouble for me.

But I do complete projects and do want to upload pictures, so I’m thinking that I’ll do that here 😄

I have a few projects on needles right now; a tea cozy for my vintage Brown Betty, a cables and lace blanket and
the on going production of “puffs” for a Beekeepers quilt. Given the state of the weather recently, as soon as I finish the cozy, I think I’m going to wind yarn for some fingerless mittens *nods*


About maraudersisabel

I'm a wife, mother and career girl who happens to be owned property. I am stubborn, a bit OCD, addicted to hot tea and directionally and technologically challenged. I'm stumbling my way thru life after falling down the rabbit hole and I'm extremely happy that my Owner is tolerant not only of my tea addiction but my ever growing piles of yarn and books as well.

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