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Blessed Mabon to everyone! I love fall, everything about it really – even the rain. (Which we sorely need in Texas and I’m ready for; my wellies, trench coat and ginormous umbrella are all sitting by the door. Just waiting)

Fall is the time for deep colors, pots of tea, homemade baked goods, knitting and snuggling under blankets. Oh, and I can’t forget warm cider or hot toddies either! And in a few weeks is Samhain – the time I’ll chose new runes for the bottom of my feet.

The fall season has always seemed to be one of immense change for me in some way. Challenges and insight seem to jump out at me and tackle me to the ground more often during autumn. So, to prepare, today I plan on knitting and watching Netflix with a pot of tea.


Life update


Youngest Male spawn had a birthday party at the loudest place in the world yesterday. It was like Chuck E Cheese on steroids. Due to said party lasting much longer than the advertised 90 minutes, I missed Doll’s birthday get together 😦



I want to conquer the world! Well, yeah – but since I’m pretty sure running the world would be a huge pain, I think I’ll skip it. Instead, I think I want Daddy to find a new girl. Yep.

I’m not crazy (I don’t think). With the schedules that we work, he has large amounts of time when I’m not with him. Plus it looks like I’m gonna have to start traveling for work and that will be more time away from him. I don’t want him to be lonely. I’d like to know that he has someone to hang out with, take to dinner, shoot with…have fun. And if they have sex, I’ll deal 🙂

He’s had sex with other girls before. With me in the room is my favorite, even if *I’m* not having sex. I get to watch (I am a voyeur) and Daddy is so beautiful to watch. And he’s had sex when I’m no where around…this I have a bit more trouble with honestly.

I know that having a 3rd, even a participating 3rd, can be a drag. Sometimes a couple just needs couple sex. But sometimes I can’t help feeling left out and unnecessary when that happens. That’s my failing and I own it and try hard to disappear.

I probably just need more practice 😉