I have a migraine. I would nod, but that would hurt my head. I don’t get them often and when I do, I generally run for the closet and stay there while occasionally asking someone to decapitate me.

Why am I blogging? A sane person might ask that. I’m not bad enough to stay home from work today – cause I still have color vision and can see from one eye. The eyes take turns cause they’re nice like that. And the pain is located just on the right side of my head.

For 2 days I’ve been battling this damn thing. I wish it would either:
1. Go away
2. Act like a normal migraine

That’s not so much to ask, right?


About maraudersisabel

I'm a wife, mother and career girl who happens to be owned property. I am stubborn, a bit OCD, addicted to hot tea and directionally and technologically challenged. I'm stumbling my way thru life after falling down the rabbit hole and I'm extremely happy that my Owner is tolerant not only of my tea addiction but my ever growing piles of yarn and books as well.

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