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I have them! Not at home or the office, but here on my blog. :). I know this cause I finally went and looked at my dashboard.

Y’all don’t leave comments, but you visit *beams* Thank you for visiting!


General Update


It’s been a busy back end of July. Who am I kidding? It’s been a busy summer *nods*. But I digress….

Daddy and I are reconnecting! Yay! *Happy Dance of Joy*

There are many things still unresolved in my new gig, but I’m really liking it.

Did I mention that I’m dating someone to be known as Doll? Daddy is aware and she’s a beautiful girl 🙂

Since I’ve finished the sweater, I’ve moved on to a throw. Once the throw is finished (or maybe before), I’ll be making a tea cozy for Doll.


Busy few weeks


Still don’t know too much about the mystery gig I accepted, but I’m reading tons of interesting stuff in preparation.

Finished the sweater/hoodie I was working on and can’t wait until cooler weather. (It’ll be 100 today). And now I’m working on this heavy cabled throw that I’ve had on the go for a couple of years. I have decided that I really don’t like cabling bulky yarn *nods*. And I’m gonna make socks and I’m also working on a Beekeepers quilt. I’ll post some pictures at some point. Promise.

I was reading blogs and ran across and I’m trying that as a weight-loss tool. At the very least I find it easy to track food and exercise with.

Magic Mike and Churches in Theaters


This morning I woke up and decided that since Daddy was gonna be sleeping all day, it’d be a great time to see Magic Mike. (Side note – yummy asses). I decided to go to the 10:10 show thinking I’d have the theater mostly to myself. I was so wrong, the 10:10 show was sold out. At 10:10 on a Sunday morning! Boggled my mind.

To get to theater 5, I had to make my way thru a congregation of some type that seems to have made its Sunday home in a portion of the 18 screen megaplex y my house. As I made my way thru the huddled masses juggling my popcorn and soda, I wondered what they might possibly be thinking. I mean, the horde of women striding with a purpose was a bit hard to ignore and anyone with 2 brain cells to turn together could figure out where we were headed. Kinda made me laugh.