Friends and Technology


I’m so excited! Or at least I’m telling myself that. :). Sunday I’m going to meet a friend for coffee (although I’ll be drinking tea) and its been at least a year since we laid eyes on each other. And then Monday, I’ve dinner plans with another friend that it’s been months and months since I’ve actually made eye contact with. Yeah, I know – bad friend!

But I’m not really. We all work. We don’t live close to each other even though each of us is located somewhere in the DFW metroplex. (The metroplex is *big*). Some of us have kiddos and some of us are really active. But we keep in touch. Really. We Facebook (I’m a slacker) and text (I’m better at that). I love em and am interested in what they do. Just seems to me that it was easier to be friends and get in actual face time with friends before we got so invested in technology.

Does anyone besides me write real letters anymore? I’ve not received a letter or card in the mail from anyone you get than my parents since…..well I don’t actually remember when the last time was. And honestly, I don’t write them very often either. But when I do, I use a seal and wax. My grandma *loves* that!


About maraudersisabel

I'm a wife, mother and career girl who happens to be owned property. I am stubborn, a bit OCD, addicted to hot tea and directionally and technologically challenged. I'm stumbling my way thru life after falling down the rabbit hole and I'm extremely happy that my Owner is tolerant not only of my tea addiction but my ever growing piles of yarn and books as well.

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