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The 50 Shades Books


Okay – I read em. I actually read all 3. Why? Cause I’m a bit OCD in that I am compelled to finish what I start. Were they awful? Well, yes. In a fundamental literary sense they were absolutely yucky.

I was ready to be titillated, shocked, enthralled even. But ya know what? I found them to be extremely tame. I know, I know. Everyone else in the world seems to think that they are full of hot, wild sex. Not me. No sir.

I’m owned property. I didn’t sign a contract. I don’t constantly give consent. Once my husband I and had that talk, he became my owner and I become his (willing and mostly happy) property. It’s a 24/7 gig.

I wear the clothes he likes. He picks out my panties daily, if he doesn’t pick em out, I don’t wear any. I work because he allows me and I have a career because he supports it. I have rules that I follow and Daddy has a lot of input on the friends that I have. I ask permission to go shopping, see movies, knit, hang with friends or have snacks, drinks and desserts.

And the sex. It’s what and how Daddy wants. Sometimes I get to cum and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s do rough I’m sore for days and other times it’s just hours. I get tied up, clamps are used – so all manner of store bought and handmade toys. Daddy is quite the creative Owner.

And do I find this wrong or some sort of flaw that needs to be changed? Hell no! I chose to live my life this way, for Daddy to take the lead and be in charge. We have never been happier. Yeah, so he’s a sadist and I’m not a masochist (I’m a sadist too)….he loves to hurt me and listen to the noises and sometimes see the tears. I like to make him happy.

It works for us. And it sure as hell isn’t life as depicted in those books.




I like to flirt. Yep. It’s fun and runs the gamut of innocent to well, not at all innocent. It’s in my nature. And it’s not in Daddy’s.

Blessed, Lucky – Whichever


I woke up this morning (much earlier than I would have cared to, thanks Darth Daddy) with on overwhelming feeling of contentment. Not just happiness, although that’s nice too, but real contentment. Took me a bit to put a name with a feeling.

I am married to a man who lived to protect and cherish me and our dynamic only fuels that within him. I view him as the sun I orbit around… this works out quite nicely. My Kiddos are smart, healthy and mostly responsible, all 3. Our remaining parents are as healthy as possible and all pretty much self sufficient. We have fabulous friends. We are well employed (and my job is doing fabulously well) and have everything we need and a large part of what we want.

Today, watching the birds in the yard and eating waffles, I can’t think of anything I really need…..except my own yarn store.


I woke up this morning and realized that it has been forever since I meditated. Really. I like meditating and doing the types of things that appreciate nature without involving bugs. I really do. So why don’t I do more of it?

Probably cause these things take time. Just like hanging out with friends take time. And, like most of you, I seem to be on the fast track to busy. I’ve decided it drives me crazy! There’s no real reason that I can’t slow down and relish the finer things right? And it’s supposed to be healthy for me too. I read that somewhere *nods*

Beginning today, I am making a concerted effort to stop and smell the daisies or watch the leaves blow. I even cleaned, filled and plugged in my beautiful copper fountain this morning. It looks lovely filled with water and the rocks and seashells I’ve collected over the years.

Won’t you join me?

Mysterious Doings at Work


Yes, I know. A post about work and not slavish at all. I work at a large company and periodically it’ll go thru a reorganization. You know, shuffling people from here to there and creating departments (or destroying) in midair.

One was announced a few weeks ago and I’m excepting a visit this week from a leader 2 levels above me to discuss an “opportunity”. No details.