Last night I was able to tell Daddy a bit how I’ve been feeling. It’s hard to communicate properly when I work days and he works nights….this is something that has really stood out in our journey down the rabbit hole.

Daddy’s not real big on sharing emotions or even thoughts and for an analytical person is really into the “just wait and see” school of thought. I’m the exact opposite when it comes to that….I want to analyze *everything* so that I know where I stand and what’s going on.

We have a small vacation next week, just the two of us and hopefully we can straighten things out.

On the bright side, I have a date with the girl I’ve been seeing befor vacation!


About maraudersisabel

I'm a wife, mother and career girl who happens to be owned property. I am stubborn, a bit OCD, addicted to hot tea and directionally and technologically challenged. I'm stumbling my way thru life after falling down the rabbit hole and I'm extremely happy that my Owner is tolerant not only of my tea addiction but my ever growing piles of yarn and books as well.

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